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Roshod Fair Price Shop is more than a mere establishment. It's a social enterprise with a heart pulsating with compassion and dedication. We are propelled by a fervent desire to empower industrial workers and their families, equipping them with the tools and opportunities needed to enhance their lives.






To support the betterment of industrial workers by providing access to better living standard that improve their overall well-being


To create a positive impact on the lives of industrial workers by empowering them to make healthier choices, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Our Projects

Nutrition Project

Affordable rate

Purchase through credit

Hygienic process

Organic sources

Pink Corner

Affordable rate

Purchase through credit

Quality Baby Foods

10-15 taka per piece pad

Health insurance

Access to quality healthcare

Financial Protection

Peace of mind

Reliable Health Insurance

Impacts & Results

Average Monthly Savings


Save amount of employees

800,000+ USD

Direct impact on lives 10000+

Better nutrition provided to individuals 40000+

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About us

Roshod Fair Price Shop is an equality driven organisation with a vision to empower and support the industry owners by making their business sustainable and profitable. It's a sanctuary of hope and a driving force for transformative change in the lives of industrial workers and economically disadvantaged individuals,

What We Offer

Financial Addition

Employees are provided with access to zero-interest credit alongside a diverse array of digital payment options and additional financial amenities.


We're committed to sustainability by advocating zero plastic use among our workers during shopping and collaborating with corporations and NGOs to offer discounts and gifts in exchange for returning plastic bottles. This joint effort aims to minimize plastic waste while fostering partnerships that incentivize responsible recycling practices among our workforce.


Roshod believes that everyone deserves access to quality nutrition, regardless of economic circumstances. Our nutrition project goes beyond merely providing food at subsidised rates. Through our nutrition project, we make it possible for families in the RMG sector to access a variety of essential food items at prices that are affordable. The Roshod Nutrition Project is a testament to our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable community development.

Scheme Proposition

We offer an insurance scheme for workers bolsters their financial security, ensuring stability during unforeseen circumstances while promoting overall wellbeing through access to quality healthcare. Such a program not only attracts and retains skilled workforce but also nurtures a sense of community by demonstrating a commitment to long-term employee welfare and social sustainability

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Head Quarter: 3rd Floor, House 2 Rd 96, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212
Central store: Norp Knit Industries Ltd. Unit 02, Shi-152/2, Islampur, Kodda, Nandun, Bason, Gazipur -1700, Bangladesh

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